Everything Vegan Racerback Tank Tops

We enjoy reviewing products from companies that are all vegan, but have mostly focused on companies that sell food. We are excited to post a blog today featuring a company that focuses on apparel that is vegan themed. We were approached by the founder of Everything Vegan to do a product review of apparel on the site*. When we checked out the website, we were so thrilled by the merchandise that we all wanted to buy a shirt and take part in the review. Therefore, we decided to break our review into to two blog posts. The post today is coming to you from regular bloggers, Julie and Amanda and will feature woman’s racerback tank tops. The second post will come from the Vegan Swashbuckler and guest blogger, John and will review unisex tees. Stay tuned for the next review, but in the meantime check out this site! We guarantee you will find a shirt style and design you like!

Amanda and Julie wearing everything vegan shirts
Amanda, on the left, is wearing the “Kale” racerback tank top. Julie, on the right, is wearing the “Your Bacon Had a Mom” racerback tank top.

Racerback Tank Tops, side by side

Product: Kale Racerback Tank Top and Your Bacon Had a Mom Racerback Tank Top

Overall Grade: A


  • They have vegan shirt designs for every type of vegan. The variety includes animal rights themed designs, punny veggie designs, environmentally focused designs, and health related designs. There really is something for everyone.
  • They are reasonably priced.
  • Since we have known about the site, they have had sales to reduce prices even further. We were able to buy two and get one free! (we ended up buying 4 shirts total)
  • Shipping was very fast.
  • It’s fun and easy to choose your design, then select the type of shirt and color.
  • The shirts are soft and comfortable to wear.
  • The material is light and breathable. We tested our shirts in heat indexes over 100 F.
  • They have a variety of types of shirts: Women’s Jr Fit Tees, Women’s Classic Fit Tees, Unisex Tees, Unisex Sweatshirts, Women’s Racerback Tank Tops, and Unisex Tank Tops
  • In addition to shirts, they have hats and stickers.
  • We were sent a free sticker with our order.


  • The sizing for the women’s racerback tank was a little confusing. The sizing is listed in 2 different places on the site (one on the Size Chart page and again on the FAQ page). There is a 1 inch discrepancy between the 2 size charts, so we just ordered based on our best guess. It worked out in the end, but was a little confusing.
  • The shirts run small. The large is the same size as most medium tank tops of other clothing brands. Make sure to measure and don’t guess on sizing.


*We will happily accept vegan products in exchange for an honest review from a member from our review team. Please contact us if interested.






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