CBD Is Better Supplements

I was recently contacted by the creators of CBD Is Better asking for a review* of their products. The company makes several lines of 100% vegan softgels that contain CBD oil and other ingredients to help with focus, sleep and mind-body balance. The three products that I sampled were: CBD Is Better For Everyday, CBD Is Better for Focus and CBD Is Better for Sleep. I took the span of about a month to try all three separately from each other so that I could truly see the benefits.

In taking the supplements, several benefits. When I took the CBD Is Better for Sleep, I found that sleep was more readily available to me. With the weight of the world right now, I have been having trouble succumbing to sleep and finding peaceful rest. Often feeling tired in the morning. Going to bed at time that provides enough rest to wake up early in the morning has been a constant struggle. On the evenings that I took the gels designed for sleep, I found that I became tired and fell asleep faster adding to the over all hours of sleep that I got in a night.

In addition to sleep problems, my focus at work has been distracted at times during the day due to outside factors. In taking CBD Is Better for Focus, I found myself more able to concentrate on the work that I needed to get done instead of succumbing to distractions. I am not generally someone who has focus problems, but when they did arise it was helpful to have extra help in focusing. I felt a bit more alert for a longer period of the day. The afternoon drag felt lighter than usual.

The softgels were easy to swallow and the formulas fast acting. One of the samples provided, had a red color instead of the typical yellow tone that softgels generally have. The pills had a pleasant smell and I had no problem swallowing them with a sip of water. The only downside that I see to the softgels was when the pills leaked, as a couple did, they had a strong bitter flavor. Luckily, it was easily washed down with water.

Overall, my feedback for these three products is positive. I found them to add some help to my current daily struggles with life. If you are looking to add CBD to your health routine, I would recommend adding these supplements.

* Do you have a product that you would like us to review? We are happy to accept samples of your vegan product for an honest review. Please visit here to read more

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