What Are We About?

We are a group of vegans that love to try new cruelty-free products! Please contact us with any suggestions. We gladly accept suggestions for products to review.

Are you a company with vegan products? We will gladly review vegan products in exchange for an honest review. Please contact us for more details.

Who Are We?


Julie's profile pic

Julie went vegan 7 years ago for ethical reasons. She has 3 sweet, adorable dogs that keep her on her toes. She likes reading, activism, soy lattes, and cute animal videos. She also maintains a local vegan dining guide: http://vegtriangle.com/


Amanda (a.k.a VeggieAmanda)

Amandas Profile picAmanda is a vegan gluten free parent to a toddler. She cherishes time with her son, husband, friends and family. She is a an environmentalist, a feminist, and coffee lover. Her decision to be vegan is for ethical, factory farming, and environmental reasons. She enjoys activism (vegan and political), reading, and exercise in her free time.