Seal of Approval

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What the Veggie Product Reviews Seal of Approval is…

It’s a way to easily identify products that earned an A or B during our product review.  We tried it.  We liked it.  We think you will too.

We are excited about the increase in vegan products available and we want to reward the good ones and encourage companies to make more.

What the Veggie Product Seal of Approval is not…

It’s not a guarantee that you’ll agree with our opinion.  We hope you do so that we’re a good resource for you, but our reviewers don’t always agree either (though more often than not we do)

It is not an endorsement of the nutrition or the ingredients of a product.  It’s not a promise of no GMO’s.  There are plenty of resources to research these things in internet land. We encourage you to make the best decisions for you about health and nutrition, but our reviews and social media outlets are not for that.