JustPea Protein Powder

The kind folks at JustPea contacted us recently and asked if we would review their product.* I personally am not a fan of most protein powders because I don’t like the taste of stevia. When I realized this product did not contain stevia, I was immediately interested in trying it. It is made from a single ingredient (peas) and contains no GMO’s. Overall this product has proven to be a winner in my book.


Product: JustPea Pea Protein Powder 

Overall GradeA


  • I didn’t even notice it was in my smoothie. Really. The first time I used it, I only used half a scoop because I was worried it might make my smoothie taste bad. It didn’t. The next time I used it, I used the full scoop and we still didn’t even notice it was in there. It really let the flavors that I put in my smoothies shine.
  • There are 20 grams of protein in one scoop. That’s a lot of protein!
  • The bag is a large one. There are 30 scoops in a bag. I personally don’t feel the need for 20 grams of protein in my smoothie, so I will continue to use half a scoop to get 10 grams of protein and make it last longer.
  • NO STEVIA in this product!!!
  • Vegan, gluten-free, and fully sourced in the US.
  • It’s priced on par with comparable protein powders.


  • The only suggestion I have to possibly improve the product in the future is to make it fully organic. It IS already non-GMO, so that is a great start. If you’re looking for a protein boost for your smoothies that won’t affect the taste, go ahead and give this a try.


*Please note that we are happy to try vegan products for an honest review. If you are interested, please contact us.








A Chocolate Holiday Treat!

Do you remember those popular chocolate hazelnut truffles? They aren’t vegan. Pretty disappointing, I know. I’ve been longing for a vegan version and finally Sjaak’s has come through.


Product: Sjaak’s Melk Chocolate Hazelnut Truffles

Overall Grade: A+


  • These are incredible. They have a smooth milky-chocolate hazelnut taste just like I remember.
  • Organic
  • Gluten free
  • Soy free


  • I don’t know if this is a true con, but they don’t have the delicate crunchy shell that I remember the non-vegan version had.
  • Slightly pricey ay 11.99 for a box of 9, but you get what you pay for. These are definitely worth it for a gourmet, nostalgic holiday treat!
  • I wish they were more widely available. I purchased from VeganEssentials.com but I would love to see them in Whole Foods some day!


FRIES!!! – Vegan MoFo Day 30

As MoFo comes to a close, we’d like to bring you something really, really good. Fries, anyone? Fries that are healthy and contain veggies, but still are fries? Meet your new best friend – Veggie Fries.




Product: Veggie Fries

Grade: A+


  • Crispy and fluffy!
  • They really resemble french fries
  • There are 4 different flavors. The chickpea, red pepper & potato flavor is my favorite, but the other flavors (carrot & potato, broccoli & potato, and kale, tuscan bean & potato) are also yummy
  • Non GMO
  • Gluten and soy free
  • Easy to make – just pop them in the oven for 20 mins.
  • Low in fat and sodium
  • Each 3 oz serving includes 2 servings of veggies and 3 g of protein (one bag contains 14 oz of fries)
  • Their great nutrition profile makes them guilt -free!


  • These could be considered pricey at $4.99 per bag (Whole Foods, Earth Fare, Harris Teeter). Considering the quality and convenience that you’re getting, I don’t think this is unreasonable. I am sometimes able to find them on sale, which gives me a good reason to stock my freezer.




O’Doughs Flatbread – Too Good to be True – MoFo Day 18

I love O’Doughs. Ever since I tried their bagel thins, I was a fan. Then their sandwich thins. Now I’ve found their flatbread.
This review is about the flatbread. The delicious, gluten free, vegan, non-cardboard flatbread! Finally!!!
Overall Grade: A+
We made pizzas using this flatbread and let me tell you, it was incredible!
It was nice and thick and didn’t fall apart. Look how fluffy and dough-y it is.
  • Soft and fluffy but held all the toppings
  • Makes a quick, easy meal. Just top with whatever you’re craving and then bake.
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten-free
  • I don’t have any cons for this product, but I DO have one con for O’Doughs in general. While I was perusing their website, I realized that they had a LOT more products than i have seen in stores. From reading their home page, i got the impression that all of their products were vegan. When I looked at the ingredients for their muffins and cakes, I realized that those products contain egg. Break my heart! Guess i’ll have to settle for their bread-type products and keep baking cakes and muffins myself.







Hot Dang Breakfast Toasters – Vegan MoFo Day 13

Product: Hot Dang Breakfast Toasters (Peanut Butter Banana flavor and Berries & Seeds flavor)
Overall Grade: A
  • Both of the flavors that i tried (Peanut Butter Banana and Berries & Seeds) were really good. They tasted healthy with just a little natural sweet flavor.
  • Healthy, clean ingredients – 6-7 g protein, 5 g fiber, and ~220 calories in one patty.
  • Quick, convenient, portable, and easy. Pop them in the toaster or heat in a pan.
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten-free
  • Could use a topping or sauce. I added a touch of maple syrup to mine. (This is more of a suggestion than a true ‘con’)




DIY Vegan Beauty Book – Vegan MoFo Day 11

Ok, so this product technically isn’t food, but actually it is! It’s food that you can use on your face, hair, and body! Most of these ingredients in these incredible recipes come straight from your kitchen. My favorite recipe so far is the Kick-Ass Wake-Up Coffee Serum.
Overall Grade: A+
  • These recipes contain healthy, vegan ingredients
  • You can easily make your products organic by purchasing the organic version of ingredients
  • You can save money by making your own products
  • These smell amazing!
  • NO animals are harmed in the making of these products
  • You may need to make an initial investment if purchasing several ingredients for a specific recipe



Simple Mills Baking Mixes – Vegan MoFo Day 7

The first Simple Mills product that i tried was the Artisan bread mix. It was on sale so i decided to give it a try. It immediately turned me into a fan and I have purchased it several times since!
Overall Grade: A
  • Both of these mixes were absolutely delicious! They has a nice soft texture and didn’t taste ‘gluten-free’ at all.
  • Super easy to make. You only need one bowl, the mix, and 2 or 3 other ingredients. I used flax to replace the egg. 1 egg = 1 tbsp ground flax and 2 tbsp warm water.
  • Each mix gives you multiple recipes, depending on what you want to make. The bread mix gives you the option to make flat bread or rolls. The chocolate cake mix gives you options for cupcakes or muffins.
  • Simple Mills has a variety of other mixes, as well. I’m hopeful that their other mixes are just as great as these were.
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten-free, Soy-free
  • On the expensive side at $6 – $8






Sweet Mustard Dressing – MoFo Day 6

Hampton Creek, the creator of Just Mayo, has also created a line of dressings. This review is specifically for the Sweet Mustard Dressing. I was excited when I found this gem because I had not otherwise seen a vegan mustard dressing or dip. My local Target has a couple other Hampton Creek dressings in stock, but upon review of their website, they have SO many more! I need to find all of these.
Overall Grade: A+
  • Sweet and creamy taste. I use this as salad dressing, or a dip for things like Hilary’s Veggie Bites or Veggie Fries.
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten Free
  • Reasonably priced – 2.99 at Target
  • Low fat – with 5 g of fat per serving, it’s much less fat than most dressings
  • Only available at Target









Green Juice – Vegan MoFo Day 4

This product has become a regular in my house. I like to have a little with breakfast for a little extra healthy sweetness.
 telula seal
Overall Grade: A+
  • Delicious! This juice tastes healthy but also just a little sweet, so you’re getting the best of both worlds
  • Organic
  • Gluten-free
  • The only ingredients are fruits, veggies, and tea… no additives
  • They have other great flavors
  • Slightly price, depending on where you purchase (My local Whole Foods charges $8, but Target is less than $6 which i think is reasonable)




Square Bars

I love a good vegan snack bar. Bonus points for it being organic AND gluten free! Square Bars have definitely made it to my favorite list.



Product: Squarebar
Overall Grade: A
  • Delicious! They taste like a less sweet version of a candy bar
  • Organic
  • Gluten-free
  • They have great flavors – the peanut butter and mint are the best
  • On the pricey side ($3 each at the store, however if you order a case on their website and use a coupon code, it can be less than $2 each depending on the sale or coupon code)
  • Not easy to find locally. The only store that I have seen them at is Whole Foods