Remove Tough Stains with Vegan Power!

Not all of our posts are about food. Let’s face it… food is way more interesting, but we also use other things in our daily lives. I’ve been looking for something quick and easy to clean up stains in my house – mostly gross stains that the dogs create. This product is a big winner in my book and I highly recommend it!

I contacted the company to make sure that the product is vegan, and I was very pleased with their reponse:

‘Yes. All Ecover products sold in North America are suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Plus, we never test on animals, and we have a Leaping Bunny on our bottle to prove it.’


Ecover Stain Remover is easy to use and actually works. I’ve tested it a few times on some pretty gross messes. It was also affordable at under $5. You simply wet the stained area with water, then take your stain stick and squeeze some of the cleaner gel onto the stain. Then use the brush that is included on the top of the stick to suds it up. I then let it sit for a few minutes to a couple hours, depending on how bad the stain is. Lastly, rinse thoroughly with water or toss into the washing machine.