Kinnikinnick Smoreables Graham Style Crackers

Graham crackers are hard to find and vegan. Now say you need a vegan, gluten free graham crackers and you might have thought that feat was impossible. Not any more! I have recently stumbled upon Kinnikinnick Graham crackers and brought them home for a taste. They used to contain a non-vegan ingredient, but changed their recipe (beware they say “may contain egg” because of the production facility). These beauties made a mean vegan s’more. They have an awesome crunch and delicious graham flavor. They have brought s’mores back into my life. All I can say is “Thank you and YUM!”

Cracker box

Product: Kinnikinnick Smoreables Graham Style Crackers

Overall Grade: A+



  • Delicious, delicious, delicious!
  • They are crunchy, just like you’d like a graham cracker to be.
  • They are thicker than a traditional graham cracker, but bit smaller.
  • They make a wonderful vegan s’more. Just add your favorite vegan chocolate and marshmallow.
  • They are relatively easy to find. They are sold online, whole foods, and I’ve even seen them at Food Lion.
  • They are gluten free!!


  • The box is a good size, but there are so few crackers in the box. I’m thinking you can get about 6 s’mores out of the box (around 12 crackers).
  • They aren’t cheap for having so few crackers. I think they were close to $5.




Imitation S’mores

I have fond memories as a kid sitting in front of campfires eating s’mores as a girlscout, even despite the threat of bugs. Yeah, I’m terrified of bugs. Eating s’mores helped me not think about bugs. I was the kid who put blankets down on logs. Why? Because logs hide bugs.  Moving on….I still dream of s’mores. I recently found the Gramwich made by Van’s. It’s not exactly like a s’more as there is no marshmallow, but the chocolate is gooey in the center so I’ll consider it a contender.

Product: Gramwich Snack Bar by Van’s

Gramwich box

Overall Grade: B+. I probably would give this item an A if I wasn’t thinking of s’mores when I first tried the bar. The graham part was soft and chewy and the chocolate center was gooey. It is really delicious, but please don’t expect it to taste like a s’more because it is different. I’ve enjoyed throwing these in my bag for a snack.



  • They are individually wrapped so you are not tempted to eat more than one.
  • The chocolate in the center is delicious. It is in a melted state and is what I want on the taste of a graham-like cookie.
  • The cookie part of the gramwich isn’t like a graham cracker, but has a nice grainy and soft texture. Don’t expect a crunch.
  • it is exciting that there is a graham-like cookie with chocolate on the market that is vegan (and gluten free!).


  • The bars are small, only a couple of inches long. While delicious, they are not filling. I recommend this for a very light snack.
  • There are only five bars per box. I sort of expect six bars per box.
  • They aren’t like a s’more. They are missing a vegan marshmallow and a crunchy cookie….oh and a campfire.





What Cookie Monster Would Eat – Day 24

When I was in the third grade, I had this obsession with Sesame Street records.  Yes, third grade…stop judging. Our local public library had two of them.  You were allowed to check out one record at a time for a week.  So I alternated between the two of them.  I’m not sure how long this went on, but I’d guess about six months.  My parents probably felt like it was six years.

Of course, one of my favorite songs was the classic “C is for Cookie” by Cookie Monster.  Just in case you’ve been living under a rock since the 70s, you weren’t allowed to watch TV as a child, or you just want to reminisce with me for a few minutes, here’s the video.

Despite Sesame Street’s later attempts at giving Cookie Monster a little more self control, we know it’s all about the cookie for him.  So, if Cookie Monster were a (gluten-free) vegan, I think he’d be eating the Enjoy Life Double Chocolate Crunchy Cookie.

C is for Cookie (vegan, gluten-free ones!)
C is for Cookie (vegan, gluten-free ones, of course!)

I have this theory that the choice to have cookie monster eat regular chocolate chip cookies was purely a cinematic one*.  That blonde color shows up against his blue fur much better than a dark brown cookie would.  But in real life (no, I’m not completely crazy, I do kinda know he’s a puppet), I think he’d have been all about the double chocolate.

It’s no secret to people that have talked to me about vegan, gluten free products for more than 20 seconds that I’m not typically a fan of boxed vegan, gluten free cookies.  I waiver between thinking the companies don’t have taste testers and the taste testers have been without gluten for so long that they’ll eat anything round that has a little sugar in it.  My homemade ones are better any day.

I’m not a fan of the soft Enjoy Life cookies.  I was hesitant to try the crunchy ones.  But, the first time I saw them, it was a little 2-cookie pack at a discount store, so I figured I’d give it a whirl.  I’m sure glad I did.  YUMMY!

The double chocolate ones have a deep rich chocolate taste, just bordering on too sweet for me (but not for my sweet-toothed sister).  I can bake a soft cookie, but I’ve never gotten the crispy chocolate chip cookie down.  Enjoy Life has.  It’s crunchy without being dry and crumbly.

My sister even had the crazy idea to heat it up. I predicted either a disintegrated mess or a hockey puck.  I was wrong.  Wrapped in a damp paper towel and heated for 10 seconds, you get a softer cookie with ooey gooey chocolate chips (you lose a little bit of them to the paper towel).  I prefer room temperature or even cold baked goods, but if hot is how you roll, it’s not completely out of the question here.

Despite whatever issues you’ve had with prepackaged cookies in the past, try the Enjoy Life Crunchy cookies (be careful, some varieties have honey).  I predict you’ll be glad you did.

*Ok, in the interest of honesty, while I do have *a lot* of theories, this isn’t really one of them.  I just had to make up some reason that this was a double chocolate cookie since the store was out of the originals 😉