There is a Garden in My Straws!

The snack queen here again to tell you about a favorite and addictive snack. You all have heard me before mention how I like to snack. A bit too much at times. It’s a hard habit to break. When something claims to be healthy and delicious, I feel less guilty about snacking. Sometimes that means that I eat more than I should. Oops! The snack today is a rediscovered snack. I have eaten it in the past, but haven’t bought it in years. Then I found these beauties at Costco for a reasonable price and they came back into my life.

veggie straws bag

Product: Garden Veggie Straws, Sea Salt flavor by Sensible Portions

Overall Grade: A


  • The straws are crunchy and delicious! Each straw packs a powerful crunch that makes you feel like you are eating a potato chip.
  • They have less fat than a regular chip serving. They claim to have 30% less fat. So I can eat 30% more, right?
  • They are gluten free, kosher, and non-GMO.
  • The ingredients are all things that are pronounceable and familiar to the average consumer. No junk like corn syrup.
  • They contain potato, tomato, spinach, and beetroot for the flavor and coloring. It has veggies, that’s a positive- right?
  • They seem to be pretty widely available. I’ve seen them both in health food stores and regular grocery stores.


  • These are addictive. Once I start eating them, I have a hard time stopping. I usually eat way over the recommended serving. I guess this could be a pro and con. Pro for taste, con for how I can’t control myself.
  • After a while, these are a bit salty. Maybe that is because I eat too many though.






Nutrient Dense Salt & Vinegar Potato Chips

Nutrient dense potato chips- say what? That’s all the excuse that I needed to try these chips. The website claims “For Jackson’s Honest, the goal of nutrient density is simple to define: pack the most traditionally nourishing fats, proteins, and carbohydrates into food as possible.” I’m not really sure I buy this claim, but my stomach did so I can eat more chips. Did I eat the whole bag? Yes. Stop gasping! I did it in about three sittings.


potato chip bag with seal of approval

Product: Jackson’s honest Salt & Vinegar Potato Chips


Overall Grade: The chip itself gets an A because of the crispiness, but the flavor only gets a B. I enjoyed the flavor, but I could barely taste any vinegar. I like my salt and vinegar potato chips to have a lot of vinegar flavor. This product still receives our seal of approval!


  • This chip has a lot of crunch! I like that in a chip.
  • Each chip is thick. These aren’t paper think chips, they pack extra thickness and crunch. If you don’t like listening to people chew, don’t eat these chips with them.
  • There were a lot of curly chips. I really enjoy curly chips. I can’t explain why, I just do. They didn’t all look uniform and processed.
  • They had a nice oiliness to them as a chip should.
  • They claim to be nutrient dense and are made with coconut oil instead of other oils.
  • They are organic and non-gmo


  • Too small of a bag! The bag was only 5 oz. If you wanted to bring these to a party, you would have to buy a bunch. These are more for yourself. And we won’t judge you if you ate a whole bag in a sitting.
  • They didn’t have a vinegar taste at all. I would like to try another bag in a different flavor to see how the others compare.
  • The bag makes you think you are eating healthy when you are not. Let’s be honest, a fried chip is not healthy. It’s ok though, I don’t eat chips for the health benefits.