Brad’s Plant Based Crunchy Fruit Kale Chips

When I plan to review a product, it is usually one that I have had several times (or bites) and feel that it is worthy of a blog post. I often come across mediocre food and move on from it forgetting to do a review. Every so often, I come across something so terrible that I feel like I cannot let a single person waste their hard earned money to buy said product. That is where we are today. I am a kale chip fan, even of this brand, but the product at hand today was so disgusting. I plan to come back and review one of their delicious flavors, but you must be informed of this particular flavor and to stay away. Both Julie and I gagged at the smell and taste of this product. We asked two other people to try it who also felt the same way. Then we asked my toddler to give it a try. He actually ate a few and then said he was done. I think he wanted to like them, but just could not. The compost pile is currently eating this snack. You are probably wondering how kale chips could be this bad. Please read on for more information.

kale chip bagProduct: Brad’s Plant Based Crunchy Fruit Kale Chips

Overall Grade: F


  • They are healthy. Sure, they taste horrible, but at least they are good for you. And they are gluten free. Maybe this is why people think vegan, gluten free is not palatable.
  • They are a brand I trust, in general, so I will continue to buy their other flavors.kale chipsCons:
  • They smelled putrid. The smell was something like a fruity, earthy, death. I accidentally got a whiff before I took a bite. Big mistake.
  • The taste is…indescribable. I like beets and I like strawberries and I’ve eaten these things together and liked them. I don’t understand why they tasted so bad in this kale chip.
  • They have oats. Normally, that would not be such a bad thing, but I think that contributed to the rank flavor.
  • Whatever price was paid, was too much. Julie, purchased these and I know she thinks that they were not money well spent.
  • These are being sold with other kale chips. These give kale chips a bad name. If I had never had, or made, kale chips and picked these up I would have thought all kale chips were bad.






Kale & Quinoa Tasty Bites

I love a good vegan meatball. It has been years since I’ve had one that I haven’t made myself. There are some varieties out there that are vegetarian, but not vegan and others that have gluten. I was delighted when I saw these Kale & Quinoa Tasty Bites at the store. I knew I had to make a vegan meatball sub right away.


Kale Bites with seal of approval


Product: Kale & Quinoa Bites by Yves


Overall Grade: A+. They had a nice density, chew, and flavor. It makes me want to be lazy and never make my own again!


  • Delicious taste. They were so good, I feel like not making veggie balls when I can just pick up a package.
  • They are available at Walmart! While I don’t love that store, a lot of people shop there and that makes these easily accessible to consumers.
  • Great price!
  • They are packed with veggies (Potatoes, chickpea flour, kale, carrots, quinoa, onions), so I felt like I was eating healthy.
  • They made a great substitution for my favorite dishes like spaghetti and “meat”balls and subs.
  • They are vegan AND gluten free



  • Those with allergies beware. They do not contain soy/dairy/eggs, but the website says “not suitable for consumption by persons with an allergy to soy, eggs or milk.” I am not sure why they have that statement. I have a dairy allergy and I was fine eating them.
  • The package could have contained more veggie balls. This was just enough for 2.5 people for dinner. I like leftovers though and this package didn’t allow for that.