Oma’s Own FUNoodles and Soup Cubes

I was recently contacted by Oma’s Own asking me to try some of their products for an honest review to be posted on our site. I gladly accepted when I learned that their products were both vegan and gluten free. The package arrived with bags of freeze dried fruit chips, vegan soup cubes and FUNoodles. The soup cubes came in three flavors: Grandma’s No Chicken, Grandma’s No Beef and Grandma’s Vegetable. The FUNoodles came in two flavors: Spicy Noodles and Grandma’s No Chicken Noodles.

It took me a little while to try everything that came in the box, but I found both of the products in this review ended up being tasty and useful. Having the soup cubes ended up saving dinner one night as I ran out of my homemade vegetable broth and was able to use the cubes in one of my favorite soup recipes. I tried the FUNoodles during my first week of work at my new job and found that it was a nice solution when I didn’t have any leftovers in fridge and had not had a chance to run to the store. The FUNoodles were filling and delicious.

ProductOma’s Own FUNoodles and Soup Cubes

Overall GradeA

Pros FUNoodles

  • They are convenient and easy to use.
  • Lunch was ready in five minutes.
  • It is a good option on days that you need a quick lunch, but don’t have time to pack food.
  • Both soups had a nice flavor.
  • The spicy flavor was just spicy enough for my liking, but not too much to overpower the true flavor of the soup.
  • The Grandma’s No Chicken soup had a nice mild flavor reminiscent of meat broths.
  • They are gluten free.

Pros Soup Cubes:

  • The bullion cubes all have a rich flavor.
  • The cubes dissolved quickly in hot water, unlike other bullion cubes.
  • It is nice to have a no Chicken and no broth flavor that is different than the vegetable flavor. The variety of cubes offer more options for cooking.
  • A half of a cube makes a full cup of broth, so the cubes will make a good bit of broth.
  • They are a convenient solution when you don’t have broth on hand.
  • They are gluten free.

Cons FUNoodles

  • The cups came with a plastic throw away fork which may add to the convenience, but it adds to the waste of this product. These forks don’t seem necessary as it is easy to bring a reusable fork along.
  • I like the convenience of this product, but I generally don’t buy products like this as they generate more waste than I am comfortable with- even without the fork.
  • I would have liked to see more vegetables and/or a protein in the cups like tofu or beans.

Cons Soup Cubes

  • I followed the instructions for the ratio to make broth, 1/2 cup per cup of water and the broth was a bit too salty for my taste.

North Carolina – Indian Fusion

I am a North Carolinian through and through.  I wasn’t born here, but I’ve lived here for most of my life.  I’ve got the accent which gets worse (read: better) when I’m tired.  I’m ok with the hot summers.  I like staying home for the one good snow we might get in the relatively mild winters.  And, there’s nothing quite like southern food.

Smoky, sweet, spicy…it all works. So, for today’s post, I’ve decided to mix a little North Carolina in with a coconut milk curry.  And what’s more southern to soak up some of the liquid than a a little fresh-baked cornbread?

First off, let me tell you a little something about black-eyed peas and collards.  They are the essence of NC cooking and I never liked them growing up.  The real truth is I never ate them.  Although I grew up here, my parents didn’t, so we never had them at home, and I guess I was afraid of them at all the reunions and church potlucks.

In the last couple years, I’ve learned to love the black-eyed pea, but still had a little fear of collards. Until now.  I loved this dish so much that it, and variations of it, will be in my regular rotation from now on.


I didn’t really measure anything to make this dish because who wants to work that hard for curry? But, I can tell you what I did to give it that NC spin.

First cook some diced red onion in a little oil in a large skillet.  When they are translucent and start to brown, add in some of your favorite mild curry powder  (I used this one) and stir to coat the onions.  It’s better to err on the side of too little curry powder as you can add more later. After about a minute, add the black eyed peas, some small florets of cauliflower and about a cup of water.  Add in a golden broth cube (I used Not Chick’n) and use a fork to break it down into the water.  Once the broth cube is dissolved, add in a can of coconut milk.  And, here’s that little bit of sweet…add in about 1/2 can of pumpkin puree and stir it in with the coconut milk.  Taste the broth to see whether it needs more curry powder or salt and add to taste.  If you need salt, I highly recommend smoked salt.  It adds a little extra something.  But, if you don’t have it, regular salt will work just fine.  Bring to a boil, cover, reduce heat to a simmer and let it simmer until there’s little liquid left (it took mine about 15 minutes).  Add a bunch of collards, chiffonaded and about 1/2 cup of water to thin out the curry and cook the collards.  Use more if you like it thinner.   Serve topped with toasted pecans (more NC), and finely chopped red onions.  Sprinkle on more curry powder/smoked salt as needed.

To keep the NC flavors going, I tested out the Bob’s Red Mill Cornbread Mix.


The mix calls for eggs, but I tested it out using “chia-eggs”  (1 Tbsp ground chia to 3 Tbsp water)   I used white chia to affect the color as little as possible.  It has a mild, slightly sweet corn taste, but I like the corn to “jump” out at me a little more.  The flavor was better against the curry (seemed sweeter and more corn flavor) than it was on its own.  It’s a little on the dense side (a lot on the dense side if you like the muffin-y almost cake-like cornbread that you get from some mixes).  Although I typically like room temperature baked goods, this is better warmed up.

Noting that it may be different using actual eggs (which we don’t do here at Veggie Product Reviews), my review is that it’s decent, but nothing to write home about.  I’d rather have my homemade, but it will work when I’m in a hurry.

Until next time, Julie, Amanda and I would like to thank you for spending time with us this Vegan MoFo. We look forward to hearing from you as we review products  throughout the year.





B12, It’s What’s for Breakfast! Day 11

Most every vegan that I have met likes nutritional yeast (a.k.a.- nooch). We add it to things like popcorn, scrambles, baked goods and uncheeses to give a nutty and cheesy flavor along with a yellow color. Nooch has B-complex vitamins and many brands are specifically fortified with a vegan version of B12.  In addition, nooch contains fiber, a fair amount of protein, all nine amino acids and iron. Nooch is easy to sprinkle on many foods and is a quick and delicious way to get B12, which isn’t abundant in plant based foods.

The Vegg Scramble cooking in a pan
The Vegg Scramble cooking

While it is fun to sprinkle nooch onto food, I also like to eat foods fortified with B12 like nut/legume milks and The Vegg. If you haven’t heard of The Vegg, I suggest you check it out. They make several products to replace eggs- such as the vegan egg yolk, scramble mix, baking mix and French toast mix. I have tried the egg yolk and most recently, the scramble mix. Several years ago, I sampled the vegan egg yolk and created a recipe for The Vegg on my personal blog.  The recipe was even published in one of their cookbooks! Then I heard about the scramble mix coming out and ordered it as soon as it was available on their website. I was so curious what it would be like to have a scrambled eggs again. I love tofu scrambles and I was interested to have a product that looked like and tasted like eggs.The Vegg Scramble packageI have made plain scrambled veggs, a scramble with veggies and a scramble sandwich.  The texture is very similar to what I remember of eggs. They are light and fluffy and look just like a scramble when taken from the pan. I really enjoy the flavor of the scramble, but I can’t say if it imitates eggs exactly. It isn’t what I remember a scramble tasting like, but it has been quite a while since I had scrambled eggs. Either way, I really enjoy the flavor and will be sad when my package runs out. You get 12 servings in the package, which is a generous amount. With so many vegan products costing a lot of money, I really appreciate this!

The instructions caution to follow them exactly and they aren’t kidding. I once thought that I could cut corners and the product didn’t turn out as described. The instructions are not hard to follow, so follow them! The package indicates to use a soy milk that has 9 grams of protein, but I used one with 7 or 8 that was unsweetened and I think it turned out great. I still plan to find out what the soymilk of choice is and use that as well. To enhance the eggy-ness, I add a little more nutritional yeast and black salt.

The Vegg sandwichMy most favorite way to enjoy the scramble is to have it on a gluten free English muffin, with a tomato slice, a SoL patty and Chao cheese (tomato cayenne flavor). Another great addition to this would be vegan cream cheese or vegan mayo. Or maybe even a squirt of ketchup!

I am looking forward to trying the other products as well. Happy MoFo’ing!

Let Them Eat Pastry!

I’m not going to lie, I’m a sweets fan. Maybe a little too much of a fan. My breakfast is normally a bit boring, but sometimes I like to have a little something special. Enter the delicious Eat Pastry quick vegan and gluten free mixes. I tried the muffin mix first adding organic blueberries and mini vegan chocolate chips. The mix was easy to use and only required a couple of ingredients. The instructions were clear and the end product was delicious, moist and satisfying. I cut my muffin open and smeared vegan butter on and noshed on my little blueberry delight. I allowed myself to have one a morning until they were gone. I did have to share with the hubby though. Boo!Muffins

My only complaint with this mix is that it made six muffins. I stretched the batter to make seven so that they would last longer, but then my muffins were smaller. I like to make 12 muffins at a time. In my mind, more sweets is better!