Kale & Quinoa Tasty Bites

I love a good vegan meatball. It has been years since I’ve had one that I haven’t made myself. There are some varieties out there that are vegetarian, but not vegan and others that have gluten. I was delighted when I saw these Kale & Quinoa Tasty Bites at the store. I knew I had to make a vegan meatball sub right away.


Kale Bites with seal of approval


Product: Kale & Quinoa Bites by Yves


Overall Grade: A+. They had a nice density, chew, and flavor. It makes me want to be lazy and never make my own again!


  • Delicious taste. They were so good, I feel like not making veggie balls when I can just pick up a package.
  • They are available at Walmart! While I don’t love that store, a lot of people shop there and that makes these easily accessible to consumers.
  • Great price!
  • They are packed with veggies (Potatoes, chickpea flour, kale, carrots, quinoa, onions), so I felt like I was eating healthy.
  • They made a great substitution for my favorite dishes like spaghetti and “meat”balls and subs.
  • They are vegan AND gluten free



  • Those with allergies beware. They do not contain soy/dairy/eggs, but the website says “not suitable for consumption by persons with an allergy to soy, eggs or milk.” I am not sure why they have that statement. I have a dairy allergy and I was fine eating them.
  • The package could have contained more veggie balls. This was just enough for 2.5 people for dinner. I like leftovers though and this package didn’t allow for that.








Saucy Buffalo Qrunch For Your Buns

There is a whole world of veggie burgers out there. Even being gluten free, I have so many burger options. I actually get to choose what I like! I’m not a big fan of burgers that taste like a meat substitute, I like ones that have veggies and/or grains and they are visible. I think it is because I want to know I’m eating a veggie burger. I don’t want that thought “OH NO! Is this a real burger?” thought when I’m eating it.

If you are someone who wants a veggie burger that tastes just like a burger made of beef, then this might not be your burger. The Qrunch burgers are made mostly of quinoa, millet and amaranth and pack a crunch if cooked on a pan or in the oven. If made in the microwave, they don’t get a chance to get crispy. I am a fan of all of the Qrunch burgers that I’ve tried. Especially this Saucy Buffalo one. It wasn’t spicy enough for me and I didn’t get a lot of the Buffalo flavor come through, but I still really liked the taste. I enjoyed this burger with traditional toppings of vegan mayo, ketchup, mustard, pickles, tomato and lettuce. If you want to amp up the heat, I recommend a spicy BBQ sauce or a few dashes of your favorite hot sauce.