Happy Cow Vegan CBD Supplements

In September of 2018, Veggie Product Reviews was contacted by Happy Cow to review vegan protein powder. The powder was thoroughly enjoyed, so I was delighted when I saw an email in the inbox asking me to try vegan CBD supplements for an honest review. * I happily obliged and they sent me a bottle containing 30 chewable tablets that are 25mg per dose of CBD isolate.

The bottle arrived quickly and I began taking the supplements daily. I first started in the morning and then switched to evening before bed. As mentioned in other posts, I have been having trouble sleeping and I have found CBD products to be beneficial to aiding the onset of sleep. The product is labeled vegan, gluten free, and 0% THC. It also reports that CBD has been known to help reduce pain, relieve symptoms of stress or anxiety, and promote better sleep. In order to give the this product a fair chance, I decided to take it for a month, the full supply.

The first thing I noticed is that the tablets have a pleasing flavor. They are labeled as “strawberry margarita”. There was a slight aftertaste of something a little bitter, which I expect is the CBD. It is very slight and not that noticeable. The tablets dissolve easily and left a sweet aftertaste. I noticed that with continued daily use, I was able to fall asleep quicker than normal. I found myself falling into sleep shortly after my head touched my pillow. As someone who has had trouble finding the motivation to go to bed and then the will to fall asleep, I find this to be a huge gain for me.

I am generally pain free, but sometimes find that I get lower back pain due to having a job that is mostly sitting. I exercise to try and make up for the time sitting, but still sometimes find that my back becomes aggravated. During the time taking these supplements, I did not notice any pain in my back. Nothing in my life had changed. I still maintained the same type and duration of exercise and still sat at my desk for an 8 hour workday.

Ease of falling asleep and back pain relief is enough motivation for me to want to continue taking these CBD supplements. They are currently being tested and not on the market yet, but when they are I plan to buy a few bottles to have on hand. Since they are not yet for sale, I cannot speak to the price of the products or shipping costs. I recommend that you keep an eye on Happy Cow’s online shop to find out when the product will be available for purchase.

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Oma’s Own Freeze Dried Fruit Chips

I was recently contacted by Oma’s Own asking me to try some of their products for an honest review to be posted on our site. I gladly accepted when I learned that their products were both vegan and gluten free. The package arrived with bags of freeze dried fruit chips, vegan soup cubes and FUNoodles. I quickly ripped open a package of the mango chips to give them a taste. They were crispy, sweet, a little tart and a bit salty. I am a huge fan of mango, but I do not like when mango is overly sweet (usually signifying that it is past its prime of ripeness). These chips carried the perfect amount of sweetness for me. The bit of salty was an interesting surprise on a dried fruit. It seems as though the salt brought out the mango flavor and lessened the sweetness. Liking this flavor, I ate the two serving bag (2.0 oz) in one sitting! I wanted to try the remaining bags right away, but decided to wait until another day.

three packages that arrived to test

The other two flavors in the package were mango & strawberry and banana & strawberry. Both bags also had the same level of salt and hint of sweetness. I enjoyed the bags as much as I had the first bag. I tried to control myself again with the contents of the two serving bags, but I failed. I ate both on different days and all at once. The plan was to save some for my kiddo to try. I plan to buy more for him to try.

Product: Oma’s Own Fruit Chips. Mango, Mango & Strawberry and Banana & Strawberry.

Overall Grade: A


  • The chips have a great flavor. They are sweet, salty, tart, and crisp.
  • They pack a nice crunch. It is like eating a fruity potato chip.
  • They have only a few ingredients. All things that are familiar. Fruit, non-gmo oil, and sea salt.
  • I enjoy the combinations of the bag flavors. I cannot decide which one was my favorite, but I am usually partial to mango.
  • The packaging is bright and fun. Every time I saw them in my pantry, I wanted to grab for them.
  • The products are easily available Amazon.com.
  • Even though my son did not get a chance to try the chips, I know this is something that he would like. I would feel good about giving it to him as a snack.
  • They are free of gluten and seem to be free of many other allergens because of the simple ingredients.


  • The bag is only 2 ounces. It felt like a lot of waste considering I ate the whole bag in one serving.
  • The bag is indicated as 2 servings, but it feels more like one.
  • This is not a low calorie snack. It has 120 calories and 4g of fat and contains rice bran oil.