Kite Hill Jalapeño Cream Cheese

I have been vegan for quite some time, but still enjoy bagels and cream cheese for breakfast. I try not to eat it every day, but I will admit that it makes a regular appearance on the breakfast table. Some mornings I switch it up for oatmeal (or a half of an English Muffin), to be a little healthy.  Kite Hill has always been a delicious brand, but it is a bit too expensive to have every week. However, the jalapeño flavor makes me want to buy it weekly. cream cheese tubProduct: Jalapeño Cream Cheese By Kite Hill

Overall Grade: A


  • It is vegan cream cheese!!
  • It has a delicious creamy flavor with a hint of spice.
  • It is mildly spicy. I would prefer it a bit spicier, but it is good for most taste buds.
  • The package lists less than 10 ingredients!
  • It is almond based, unlike other popular cream cheese alternatives made of soy.
  • It is a cultured cheese product and therefore has a more in-depth flavor. Kite Hill cream cheeses are the closest flavor to dairy cream cheese that I have tried.
  • It is gluten free and soy free.

cream cheese on a english muffin


  • The cream cheese is quite pricey. I have seen it for about $7 a tub. At this price, it will only make an appearance on my table for special occasions.
  • I can only find it in health food stores. I hope to see it in more mainstream grocery stores.




Day 14 – Sharing vegan cream cheese with a non-vegan

Whenever my mom comes to visit, I make sure that she tries all of my favorite new vegan products. The hands-down winner of her most recent visit was Kite Hill Chive Cream Cheese Style Spread. She wanted to take some home with her, but you know how difficult the airlines make things. 
This proves that vegans and non-vegans can agree – this stuff is amazing! It’s exactly what I remember cream cheese tasting like – creamy, salty and a little sweet. The chives in this one are an added bonus. Mom thought it was even better than regular cream cheese. 
We enjoyed the cream cheese on bagels, but I’ve also used it on breakfast burritos, on top of a tofu scramble, on top of pancakes or breakfast quiche. It’s good on crackers, too. Here are a couple of pics showing it spread on some homemade vegan, gluten free bread. Along with my soy latte (made with awesome Larry’s Beans El Salvador Dali coffee), it made quite a delightful breakfast!