A Jerky Vegan Road Trip, Day 29

I’m not the biggest fan of road trips. I don’t like being in the car for hours and I don’t like sitting still. Unless I’m the driver, I usually sleep because the car puts me to sleep. I sometimes get carsick and sleeping helps me remedy that. And if I’m in the backseat, I have to wear Sea Bands or I’m likely to get nauseated. A trip of 3 to 3.5 hours is my happy limit and even then I get antsy. I’m pretty sure I was an excessive “are we there yet?” kid. What is that you say- you want to stop? Don’t even think about stopping often because that only prolongs the time you will reach the destination. I stop only when my bladder is about to explode (unless the baby needs me to stop, then I will).

For this post, I am imagining a road trip. Maybe one where I’m in a big van with awesome gas mileage comfy seats, good music, great company and delicious vegan snacks. Oh! And on this road trip, we pass by a ton of vegan restaurants with extensive gluten free options. In the south that includes decadent biscuits and gravy! I also envision¬† northern pizza places with homemade gluten free dough and amazing vegan cheeses and endless toppings.¬† Vegan mac n cheese? Yes, please! Maybe this road trip isn’t so bad after all.

Jerky package
Half eaten bag of Sam’s Harvest Jerky.

My packed snacks are sure to include Sam’s Harvest Jerky by Butler Foods. I recently purchased this jerky online and loved it from first bite. It has a chewy deliciousness that makes it hard to put the package down. I had to control myself so I didn’t eat the whole package in one sitting. This product is made from Soy Curls and the pieces are a generous size. I didn’t find that this jerky was too salty, which is a huge plus for me. I don’t like things overly salty. My only complaint is that I have to buy it online and can’t find it in stores locally. I’d love to be able to buy it more often.

Happy Vegan road-tripping and happy MoFo’ing!